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about us

A real estate expert company - where you can expect quality.

Our mission is to help people find housing:

LAINER from ANHALT combines technology with very special people. This way you can quickly find your dream property and get real help with your real estate project.

Our history

When we founded our company in 2018, it was our goal right from the start to rethink the topic of real estate. Deep down, we didn't want to be a classic real estate agent and act as a pure seller. We have made it our task to identify the real customer needs and to develop a concept, whether buyer or seller, which can quickly be formed into a successful strategy. Since then, LAINER von ANHALT has been setting standards in consulting and real estate marketing, always with the aim of making all parties happy.

What's behind it?


A startup at heart, roots in tradition


A real estate agent that relies on talent


With the creation of our shop at Mandlstraße 22 in Munich, we have managed to create a meeting place for people who are interested in real estate.


Through the clear design language, the selection of high-quality and perfectly coordinated furnishings, it bears the signature of LAINER von ANHALT and constantly conveys the message that anyone who is looking for a property in Munich or is looking for an expert to market their property is here found for it.

The founders of LAINER von ANHALT  come from families that have been active in the real estate business for generations. By using the latest technology and state-of-the-art tools, we set standards in customer care and by using artificial intelligence, we can provide our customers with state-of-the-art property valuations and market analyzes so that we are always one step ahead.

As an innovative local real estate agent, we focus on only hiring employees who live the topic of real estate. In addition to expertise, a solution-oriented way of working and outstanding customer service are important to us. Our experts are there for you holistically and see the bigger picture.

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Our partners

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