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Sell your property with confidence

For livable spaces in the most beautiful city in the world

Prosperity with well-being, a good conscience, a livable home: Are you looking to do more than just maximize profits? Do you want to sell, buy or rent with your whole heart and mind in it? Then you've come to the right place. We have represented a new generation of real estate experts since 1999. For a Munich in which high profits, good sense, and carefully designed living spaces are not mutually exclusive.

What we can do for you

  • We find the buyer or tenant that suits you and your property

  • We advise you, ensuring that your property enriches your life and takes you further

  • We find and design a property that fits your life situation

Lainer & v. Anhalt Immobilien

Do you need a dedicated helper and consultant, rather than your average broker?

We advise you as the owner, from a unique perspective - that of well-established Munich-natives, with deep roots in Munich and decades of investment in real estate. With over 20 years of experience as brokers, and with a strong family tradition in the property development business. The size of an order is not important to us; our passion is your property and the architecture.

Key in the Lock

We don't just mediate; we help you

Of course you have many questions about your property - but the only important initial question is: How can a property facilitate and enrich your life? Once we use this question as a starting point, many answers automatically become clear. Need help buying or selling? Want to make a decision in the real estate market? Or do you need help with a contract? Our work is only complete once you are satisfied.


Well-informed and well-planned

If you are dealing with a property, a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy will come your way.

We guide you through your decisions at every step, providing you with all the resources and services you need.

In doing so, we go beyond the services of a normal real estate agent and adapt to your needs.

We find reasonable solutions for our customers, with which all parties feel permanently comfortable.

Customer ratings

Honest Customer Reviews

„Lainer & v. Anhalt Immobilien has re-leased my property with full commitment. First-class ."

Marcus J


Lainer & v. Anhalt Immobilien GmbH
Mandlstraße 22

80802 Munich


+49 89 21 539 278 0

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